RF/Microwave Active


- GaAs e GaN  MMICs : in chip and package, for low noise applications (LNA) and high power amplifiers (up to 40GHz).



- Microwave Power Amplifiers (assembly):  designed as per customer requirements, we can provide SSPA up to 50 GHz.


- Gain Block Phempt MMIC in package SOT-363, SOT-89 : for repeaters, CATV, satellite, up to 6 GHz.


- Crystal Oscillators:     Ultra Low Phase Noise VCXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO .

                                             Ultra Low Jitter solutions for digital applications.

                                             Special OCXOs : Ultra Low Noise, Low G Sensitivity

                                                                             High F.output.  


- Crystal filters for high end applications

- Synthesizers fully customizable




 - VCOs: ultra low Phase Noise, with fully customized BW.           



- Active Antennas: provided with LNA and Filtering stages. For Telemetry, Satellite, Railway, Satellite Applications.                                                                                          




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