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RF/Microwave Passive

- Isolators and Circulators (drop -in, smd, connectorized or waveguide): Full custom BW and performances available.


- Power Divider, hybrid and directional couples, Balun: both for low and very high power signal levels. Connectorized or SMD.



- HI-Q Inductors with high SRF, to match circuits/filters/VCOs.


- Hi-Q Capacitors and Trimmer Capacitors : VCOs, matching circuits, both for low level

                                                                       or very high power (high voltage) applications.


- Filters (Feed through, Saw, Ceramic, LC, Cavity) : every filters is generally fully customizable on both electrical and mechanical data.




- Passive Antennas: data trasmission between industrial RF units, domestic devices, radio-TV trasmitters, handheld radio, GPS/GNS receivers. 

                                      Upon request, our antennas can cover Automotive and Railway spec.


- Coaxial Switches:  SPDT, DPDT, Multi Throw , Custom.

                                  Assembled with high quality connectors, to guarantee high power and 

                                  very high frequency (up t 40GHz) applications.


- Waveguide Switches: fully custom solution for high end markets, including Airborne and Space.


- Coaxial Connectors/Adaptors: from the standard SMA, N, MCX up to fully customized solutions. 

                                                    Very wide selection of coaxial and coaxial-waveguide adaptors.

                                                    Calibration Kits up to 67GHz-



- Cable Assembly: based on customer specification, we can provide simple "junction" cables for industrial

                              applications, up to very hi-end solutions (including phase stable and "Space-Proof" types).

                              We can provide also assemblies for any RF bench test.

- Waveguide Components: Flexi and rigid waveguides (including custom solutions).Waveguide ARC bend, waveguide to coax adapter, twist, crossguide                                            coupler, fixed and variable attenuators, Horn Antennas.




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